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Fillthy PS Plugin
(AutoFill Selections)

Ever wanted Photoshop to...

  • Autofill selections?
  • Shift hues on every new shape?
  • Lock the luminosity (percieved value)?

Me too! So we built a plugin to do just that.

Auto fill Lasso and Marque tools

Pretty self explanitory... Toggle on 'Auto Fill' and your shapes will automatically be filled with the foreground colour

Auto Shift Hues

Choose an amount that you'd like the hue to shift by and then keep on painting. This works with Brush, lasso, marquee, line and shape (in pixel mode) tools as well!

Luminosity Lock

This toggle grabs the current foreground colours luminosity (value) and makes all future selections conform to that luminosity. This is great for adding colour variation, keeping control of your values as well as being a HUGE time saver.

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