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🤳 When to add a CTA in a youtube video (subs, buy etc)

When to add a CTA to a Youtube Video (or any content really)

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  1. The importance of understanding that the audience, the channel creator, and the subscribers are all real people.
  2. A subscription to a channel is essentially a bookmark that indicates a preference for the channel's content to the algorithm, leading to more suggestions.
  3. Subscriber count creates a perception of authority, expertise, and experience that can attract attention from brands.
  4. Subscriber count alone does not guarantee audience loyalty if the content changes suddenly.
  5. Asking for subscribers should not be done within the first 45 seconds of a video and should be placed at a location that is opportune, such as after doing something great in the video.
  6. Avoid coming across as pandering while asking for subscribers.

When to ask?

Part 4 of the transcript discusses the "when" of asking for subscribers.

Nate says that it is not a good idea to ask for subscribers within the first 45 seconds of a video on YouTube. This is because the audience may not have had enough time to engage with the content and determine whether they want to subscribe to the channel.

Nate suggests that it is more effective to ask for subscribers after doing something great within the video. However, Nate also cautions against asking for subscribers right after doing something great, as it can come across as pandering.

Nate does not provide a specific time or section within the video where it is most optimal to ask for subscribers, but suggests that it should be included in the planning or outlining of the video.

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