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Professional artists style inspirations (60+ artists), realistic likeness and how do you paint shadow?

Hey hey!

Let's waste no time and get straight into my resources, thoughts, 'aha moments' and announcements from this past week.


- Resources

Twitter Thread - Deeper explanations of the fundamentals

Found this awesome artist Devin Korwin that’s sharing his art knowledge on twitter.

These are super useful twitter threads that go a little deeper on certain topics like specular lights and reflections, colour, values, all sorts.

Some of the stuff I had an understanding of, where others I didn’t.

You might have heard me say this before but it’s often times not new information we need, it’s a reminder of information that we’ve heard before that can make it stick.

I love learning from new teachers (in whatever industry or skill) as they’ll often times be able to funnel concepts through their own experiences and maybe offer up something that resonates with me a little more.

Anyway, I highly recommend checking out these threads if you’re an art nerd like me.

Thread on colour

Thread on specular highlights


Video - Realistic Caricature

I feel like caricature is on a spectrum between absurdly exaggerated to just a little push of the proportions as well as having a wide spectrum of styles that can fit in there as well.

Jason Seiler is one of my favourite photo realistic caricature artists and I’ve learned a lot from his videos over the years.

This is a great real time live stream on how he goes about painting/rendering and how he maps that to a caricature sketch.


Video - What if everything’s in shadow?

This is a great little video from one of my favourite art content creators Marco Bucci.

I’ve been getting into understanding more about exposure and how that can affect lighting situations etc.

I’m learning that exposure has a lot to do with the relationships between the lit areas and the shadow areas and how much detail is shown in either section.

To effectively execute different exposure amounts, the understanding of planes is SO important.

This video delves into how Marco tackles a painting when the subject is all in shadow.

Highly recommend.


Video - Style Influences of professional artists

This is a great little video from Proko from a couple of years back around artistic style influences.

He goes around Comic-Con and asks professional artists what their stylistic influences are.

Videos are great, but if you never use the info in them, you might as well not have watched it in the first place!

So I’ve taken the time to list out all the artists and their style influences mentioned by the artists in the video, I’m always on the hunt for new style inspiration so this will be fun to refer back to and hopefully help you discover a new favourite as well!

I recommend copying the below to your note-taking app of choice for future study.

Philip Tan

- Todd Mcfarlane

- Jim Lee

- Arthur Adams

- Philip Tan

- Takehiko Inoue

Sanford Greene

- Michael Golden

- Alex Raymond

- Milton Caniff

- Frank Robbins

Marshall Vandruff

- Bill Elder

- Albrecht Durer

Erik Gist

- Phil Hale

Sean Galloway

- Humberto Ramos

- Arthur Adams

- Marc Silvestri

Chrissie Zullo

- Glen Keane

- Adam Hughes

T.J. Geisen

- Sergey Kolesov

- Ryan Meinerding

- Alvin Lee

- Jessica Oyhenart

- Kelly Aleshire

- Bo Chen

- Chengwei Pan

- Simon Dubuc

- Jason Chan

Cutter Hays

- Mobius

- Frank Frazetta

- Jeff Watts

- Ron Lemen

Eliza Ivanova

- Gustav Klimt

- Egon Schiele

- Sergio Toppi

Colin Lawler

- Jeff Smith

- Bill Watterson

Brian Haberlin

- John Byrne

- George Perez

- Bill Sienkiewicz

Karl Kopinski

- John Singer Sargent

- Diego Velázquez

- Ernest Meissonier

- Ilya Repin

- Kim Jung Gi

- Paul Dainton

- Adrian Smith

- Phil Hale

- Kent Williams

Sean Andrew Murray

- Ian Miller

Pascal Campion

- John Byrne

- John Romita Jr

- Hugo Pratt

- Enrique Breccia

- N.C. Wyeth

- Norman Rockwell

- Fredric Remington

- Pieter Bruegel

William Stout

- Frank Frazetta

- Robert Crumb

- Harvey Pekar

Lucio Parrillo

- Caravaggio

- William Bouguereau

- Jean-Léone Gérôme

Bobby Chiu

- Gonzalo Carcamo

Damn...I've got some studying to do!


'Bad' drawing days

I've had a very frustrating couple of days of drawing, where things just weren't looking right at all.

It started while trying to get a likeness of Rob Pattinson (see my latest post for the results and a bunch of in my opinion unsuccessful drawings in the time-lapse) and at the same time keep it to this cleaner stylization I've been practicing recently.

Both stylization and likeness are tricky by themselves, but I decided I wanted to tackle them both.

At some stages it felt like I forgot all the things I had learned about stylization and likeness and I was frustrated beyond belief! But I've been there before...many times.

So I slept on it, came back the next day and it was a little better, but not great.

I guess this is just a little reminder that these bad drawing days happen, and they aren't the end of the world.

Are they annoying? YUP! But that's what consistency is for.

I've just got to show up to the next study session, and keep hammering away.


Hope you've been well!

As always... stay consistent, use reference, have fun with it and remember, it's only pixels baybee!



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